Your Reliable Socks Manufacturer in China
Find the One-Stop Solution Here.

Let's Co-operate to Enlarge Your Business.
Your Reliable Socks Manufacturer in China
Find the One-Stop Solution Here.

Let's Co-operate to Enlarge Your Business.
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Professional Sock Manufacturer and Supplier

  • Ten years of experience in sock manufacturing
  • A wide variety of knitting machines
  • A stable material supply chain
  • Well-versed in fashion trends

Various Types of Knitting Machines to Meet Your Requirements

As a professional socks factory, Han Socks has been in the socks & hosiery industry for over ten years.

To meet different requirements, we obtain socks knitting machines ranging from 98 Needles to 400 Needles, covering cotton socks, arm sleeves & hosiery products.

Samples requirements are welcome, and samples will arrange according to your will. Professional suggestions are also available.

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One of The Reliable Sock Factory to Rocket Your Business

As one of the professional socks suppliers in China, our production process meets global standards.

The material supply chain is one of the essential considerations to guarantee our daily production, including qualification and stability.

Han Socks learned the updated industry information, from the material to the market trending, to offer better suggestions to you.

Why Choose Us

Manufacturing Expertise

With over a decade of experience in the socks industry, we provide professional guidance tailored to your needs.

Diverse Production Capabilities

Our extensive range of knitting machines, from 98 needles to 400 needles, ensures we can meet your specific requirements effectively.

Comprehensive Supply Chain

Situated near the largest yarn market and backed by reliable material suppliers, we guarantee seamless production to accommodate your peak seasons.

Timely Market Insights

Stay informed with our up-to-date market intelligence, covering material price trends, style preferences, and more, enabling you to make informed decisions swiftly.

What Our Customers Say


CEO of Import & Export Company

“I have co-operated with Han Socks for more than 5 years, and our big project ran well in the past years. They’re a good socks maker.”


Product Manager

“I like to work with the Han Socks team. Some new ideas always come out suddenly through our communication.”


Start-up Company

“I successfully finish my first order. I hope my business will become stable under the support of Han Socks”

socks factory production prcess

Who Cooperates with Us

socks custom design
Global Socks Brands

OEM projects are welcome, and it’s been one of our primary services in the past years. Han Socks will be your reliable socks producers to enlarge your business in your market.

import socks
Socks Importers & Traders

Your cost and profit will be our most concerning elements during our co-operation. Our team will recommend a fair solution.

socks project support
Socks Projects

Your athletic team or social activities may need some designed socks for your personality. Just send us your ideas, and let’s find a way.

Contact Our Support Team

Quick Quote


What is the MOQ for your socks?

Normally MOQ is 2000 pairs/style/color/size. But your start-up business is also welcomed.

What kind of products you have?

By people: Men’s socks, women’s socks, kid’s socks, baby socks

By application: sports socks, casual socks,

By style: hosiery, arm sleeves, leg sleeves, chair socks, fleece leggings

By material: cotton socks, nylon socks, bamboo socks, wool socks, etc.

What materials are available?

Cotton, combed cotton, bamboo, wool, cashmere, velvet, microfiber, alpaca, fancy yarn, nylon, acrylic, etc.

What is your production capacity?

For socks: around 20 million a year

For arm sleeves and hosiery: around 5 million a year

What is your sampling date?

Usually, the sample will be ready seven days after the yarn arrives. But our technical members will offer the first feedback in three days.

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