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From the very beginning, with only 12 sets of socks knitting machines, HAN SOCKS used ten years to enlarge the production line. Now with the capacity of more than 20 million annual output, a large variety of socks & hosiery products can be offered by us.

Classified by material, there can be

Classified by people, there can be

Classified by application, there can be

Classified by pattern, there can be

Labor rights and being environmentally sustainable are also what HAN SOCKS concerned about. The qualified yarn suppliers with GOTS & GRS certificates are our reliable supporters.

Choose us as your best socks factory in the future.

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Stable Supply Chain & Huge Production Capacity

Co-operated many years, our qualified material suppliers have reliable production capacity.

Socks knitting machines range from 98 needles to 400 needles to create all kinds of socks and hosieries to applicate in daily life.

Various Styles to Support Your Project

Classified by your aimed customers, there’re men’s socks, women’s socks, babies’ socks, sports socks (cycling, basketball, golf, trampoline socks, etc.), casual socks, work socks, and schooling socks to support your business.

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Multi Materials Optio

Thanks to the well-developed supply chain nearby, there are multiple textile yarn materials for your reference.

It’s easy to obtain combed cotton, bamboo, alpaca, luminous, fancy yarns, nylon, and acrylic yarn.

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