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Han Socks is one of the best novelty sock suppliers in China.

You can wholesale novelty socks in various styles, especially for men’s novelty and women’s novelty socks.

The novelty socks implement different materials (cotton, polyester, nylon, imitation nylon, etc.) and technologies (jacquard, embroidered, sublimation, hot print, etc.).

Choose us to bulk novelty socks will be your best choice.

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Noveltiy Socks Collection

Tetris Cotton Crew Wholesale Novelty Socks

Tetris Novelty Cotton Crew Socks

Glass Egg Crew Wholesale Novelty Socks

Glass Egg Novelty Crew Socks

Brown Leaves Crew Wholesale Novelty Socks

Brown Leaves Novelty Crew Socks

Color Hearts Crews Wholesale Novelty Socks

Color Hearts Novelty Crews Socks

Flamingo Cotton Crew Wholesale Novelty Socks

Flamingo Novelty Cotton Crew Socks

Beer Grey Cotton Crew Wholesale Novelty Socks

Beer Grey Cotton Crew Novelty Socks

Bulk Novelty Socks

Many novelty socks will use 168N and 200N to make the designs look more attractive.

Bulk novelty socks from Han Socks.

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wholesale novelty socks production

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